The Dutch artist Henk Vierveijzer was born in 1950 in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

He spent his early days in Zaandam, near Amsterdam, and Bergen op Zoom., after which he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg.

He was fortunate to be able to work under the BKR rule. (A stipulation whereby artists work for the government for remuneration.)

That, he said, gave him the freedom to be able to completely dedicate himself to his art.

After having availed himself of this opportunity for a few   years Vierveijzer started to exhibit his work. His style of work, in those years, was comparable to the ‘Neue Wilden’ in Germany. Later on this would change to less ‘heavy’ and more ‘ironic’.

His use of colours corresponds most with those of  Cobra and Nieuwe Figuratie… and, with regards to his imagery, Vierveijzer feels very much at home with these particular movements.

Vierveijzer has had exhibitions in several leading galleries in the Netherlands, and his work has also been shown internationally in Lausanne, Athens, Brussels, Copenhagen and Madrid.

Vierveijzer won in 2003 with his painting : “Hurray for 4 “ the Dutch Olympic Sport and Art Contest and the Ernst & Young Grafic Price.